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Having begun his career as a traditional wealth manager, Randy understands finance and investing strategies in the broadest sense. Ultimately Randy determined that real estate was the ideal investment vehicle for his own portfolio, and early on (over fifteen years ago), he began partnering with other investors, to their mutual benefit. Today, Randy oversees a real estate portfolio of close to $100MM in multi-family assets and is on track to double these holdings in the next three years.

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The Real Estate Preacher Podcast shares Randy’s successes (and failures) along with proven strategies and techniques to build systems that work so others can achieve their own 7-figure incomes and and experience the abundance he enjoys. Whether you're an operator out doing deals or a passive investor looking for a haven for your capital, Randy shares his hard-won wisdom on these podcasts with you in mind.

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Get straight talk from a seasoned pro about how you can achieve security and freedom with real estate.

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Randy's Mission for this Podcast

Provide inspiration and education so you can transform your life and achieve freedom and wealth