Meet the Real Estate Preacher

Randy Lawrence is an indomitable entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience building successful real estate investment companies. He is also a pastor and founder of multiple life-changing ministries and in the last 15 years has impacted over 40,000 people. When he talks about the life-changing impact of real estate investing, he's speaking from experience, having overcome an upbringing in a broken home but ultimately becoming a successful entrepreneur, pastor, husband and father. His spiritual breakthroughs lead him out of the economic rubble and financial collapse of 2008 and led him to a real estate business generating a 7-figure annual business.

Promise of Abundance

Randy passionately believes in God’s promise of abundance and freedom and uses unique strategies to help transform lives by unlocking spiritual, mental and tactical potential through real estate investing. The Real Estate Preacher Podcast shares Randy’s successes (and failures) along with proven strategies and techniques to build systems that work so others can achieve their own 7-figure incomes and abundance.

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Get straight talk from a seasoned pro about how you can achieve security and freedom with real estate.

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Randy's Mission for this Podcast

Provide inspiration and education so you can make money by transforming your life and real estate properties as your plan to obtain God’s promise of freedom and abundance.

Randy's Core Beliefss

  • God has a specific plan for everyone.
  • By following God’s plan, He will meet and exceed your needs.
  • Receive God’s promise of abundance and freedom through believing and following Christ Jesus.
  • Approach the world and life’s decisions using Biblical truths.
  • Through faith and hard work, God will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.