If you’re serious about building a 7 figure real estate investing business by rehabbing houses, you’ll need to continually develop contractor teams. Hoping one general contractor (GC) will carry you to the promised land is a BIG mistake. You may get lucky and find a GC for project after project but don’t count on it. Hope is not a strategy!

The reality is you’ll need multiple, pre-screened contractors because life just happens. People come and people go. Insulate your business from this. Don’t get caught (and this has happened to me in the past) not having the right help when you need it. It will cost you delays – time is money.

Always be networking for GCs and specialty contractors by asking the “who do you know” question whenever and where ever. Lead the conversation to your qualifying questions (see my Weed Them Out Now post), get agreement on your general terms. Nail them down for your next opportunity.

Recently I found a great contractor prospect while ordering food for my daughter and me at a local Chick-fil-A! I already have multiple teams and still continually look for more. I wouldn’t tell you to do something I haven’t done!