In a previous post I shared the importance of using direct mail (DM) for your real estate investing business…
…without it you have no deals… without deals you have no business.

I also shared the 3 Keys to Success with DM for your business:
1. Consistency
2. A Targeted List
3. Understand the numbers for conversion

Today I’m sharing insight into the approach or mindset to be successful at this marketing endeavor…

Your DM Mindset – Think of it this way – about 80% of this (marketing effort) will be about:
1. Your List(s) – Your target audience
2. Your Offer  –  Your compelling message

The rest (20%) is about things like:
• Your mailer format
• Postage options
• How you personalize, etc.

Stay focused on:
1. Obtaining quality lists
2. Making the message (your offer) on your letter or postcard cause the property owner to act (call you)
3. Commit to the process every 4 – 6 weeks at least 5 – 6 times to get solid results

As a follow up, I’ll get into some real nitty gritty on getting your DM campaign working for you so good deals find you!