Mapping out your real estate marketing plan for finding deals…

In a previous post, I shared a time tested and proven method to get motivated sellers to call you – Bandit Signs.

Here’s 7 Tips on help you develop your Bandit Sign Campaign:

  1. Target an area. Decide where to place your signs. In other words – where you want deals. For example don’t place signs in newer neighborhoods if you are looking for distressed places to rehab and sell.
  2. Be where you have a captive audience. Target area busy intersections with stop lights/signs – places where drivers are likely to stop. This is best for you because they’ll  have time to take note of your sign while waiting for the light to change. Avoid placing signs along the side of the road. Drivers have their eyes on the road and will whiz right pass your signs, much less have time to record your phone number.
  3. Fine tune your target area(s) – with A/B testing. Develop your target area by testing response rates. Place signs in spot A, B and C. Record the results and zero in on the spots you’re getting the most action. Some spots will be hot and some will not.
  4. How many signs. Budget for a minimum of 20 – 25 minimum signs per target zone. We’ll talk later about sign costs and the best places to get them.
  5. Your goal. Remember your goal is to drive the quantity of calls not quality of calls. You can get quality calls by tuning your target area.
  6. Sign regulations. Finally pay attention to local sign ordinances. These are easy to find with a little searching on the Internet. For example if placing signs on public property, you may have to place your signs on weekends and remove them Sunday night to avoid violations or having them removed. If you find a good spot that is on private property – get permission from the owner.
  7. Next I will share action steps for setting up your bandit sign campaign so your phone will start ringing with deals!