TRP031: Enjoy the Journey

March 3, 2016

In this episode I’m going to be talking about how to better enjoy your journey. In the last episode, I talked about victory and how to guarantee it. Well have you ever noticed you can have victory but every thing else along the way kind of stinks?

If you’re listening to my show, you’re probably on a path of real estate. You want to achieve more and know God has something more for you and your life – right?

Here are 3 things to help you enjoy what God has for you. These are what I use everyday. They help me achieve success in life and in my real estate business.

#1 What you focus on:

  • What are you focused on?
  • Where your focus goes, your energy flows
  • We have the power to control what we focus on
  • We can choose on the negative or the positive
  • Are you focused on things as obstacles or as opportunities
  • How you interpret the things in life determines the impact on how you experience life
  • Personal example: I’ve got 15 – 20 projects going on at any given time. Sometimes it feels like all I do is write checks to people. I can focus on spending all the money or getting one step closer to a payday. I choose the later. This gives me a better experience when I do this.

#2 What you tell yourself:

  • We all have a story in our head. Unfortunately it’s not always a good one
  • These story interpret how we read the circumstances an in turn what we tell ourselves
  • Example: I use the things that God has already declared over my life.. I am a conquer, I will succeed…
  • I don’t have a spirit of fear….of timidity… I am a master of systems
  • I tell myself these things… it effects how I experience life and get the results
  • Tell yourself the right things. Don’t let negative thoughts dictate your experiences

#3 What energy level and body posture you have

  • Change your energy level if needed
  • It makes a difference
  • What do discouraged people look like? How do people that are making it happen look and act?
  • How we carry ourselves  makes a difference and you can change your physiology