TRP088: 3 Things Needed to Succeed Through COVID19

April 21, 2020


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Hey, I want to welcome you to another show today. I’ve got an exciting topic. We’re going to be talking about being mentally prepared. So right now of course we’re in the midst of this pandemic, the Corona virus. It’s affecting everybody in different ways, but undoubtedly you and most everybody else is in some form of a shutdown here in the US, but even to worldwide. And so what I want to talk about is being prepared, right? And so maybe it is at this moment you are still kind of racked with anxiety or fear, uncertainty. You know, any number of these things are legitimate feelings that you have. And so I want to talk about what do you do right now to get in the game to get focused, right? Because again, if I’m being honest with you and I always am the like we’re in the first quarter, right?

So people that are going, Oh my God, I’m feeling tired and I don’t know if I’m going to make it. I’m worn out. Look this has just begun, right though. Maybe it is in our country over the next couple of weeks or when the next 30 days they begin opening up in, in releasing, you know, back to a productive moment. They’re still going to be economic fallout right now, as of the time of this recording, there’s about 17 million people that are unemployed. There is a projection. I previously pegged that at 15 to 20, the US chamber of commerce is one in five or 20% of small businesses will not survive this. So if you take a 20% number, that’s 3.5 million still remaining unemployed, assuming the other companies go back to work. But again, even going back to work is not going to happen. Boom, it a flick of a switch, it’s going to take time and it’s going to be a process, no doubt.

So with that, there is just a widespread effect of all this economic carnage that’s happened by shutting the country down in, you know, basically three, four weeks where everything’s just stopped and the economy’s screeched to a halt, you know? So yes, thank God that there is these, you know, various stimulus programs with unemployment and federal unemployment and you know, federal stimulus checks and things like that. But what you really need to focus on is getting your strength together, getting your mind right. So number one, it is, you’ve got to begin to limit the amount of information that you’re taking in. That’s just this over wrought negative Corona crap right now. Again, I’m watching the daily briefings to listen to and discern from the experts what they’re saying about the Corona stuff, but then also getting an insight from the president or the vice president or again, those same, you know, experts that are part of that panel about what their intentions are for the country and what’s going to envelop.

I’m doing that of course, to keep a very tight post daily on what’s going on as it affects our business and apartments and investments and all that. But what I’m not doing is just continuing to watch that and watching CNN and Fox news. And because realistically, it’s just so much that it’s not productive and it begins to weigh you down and tear you down. And quite frankly, there are quite a number of people, both politicians and media types that want to use this in moment, use this catastrophe, use this pandemic to instill fear, implement their political agenda, gain power, any number of different things that are not necessarily helpful for the overall wellbeing of the country or the mental wellbeing for you yourself. So again, that’s step one is you’ve got to begin to limit the amount of garbage that’s being taken in. Get the right information that you need to be abreast and be aware.

But then that’s it. Limit it, cut it off. The second thing is that you’ve gotta begin to now infuse your mind with new and positive things. I love a quote from my favorite book. It says, don’t be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you would know what the will of God is. That which is good, acceptable, imperfect. And so what that’s saying is and I think about this for a minute. You’re being assaulted a lot from a lot of different areas. One, we’re in a place where you’ve got all this negative information coming at you in the news media and then you’ve got this whole different world that you’re in right now, right? Everything’s not normal. You’re not going to work in the regular way. You’re not going to the grocery store in the regular way.

You go out to the grocery store, everybody’s got masks on and you know, just all these things that can reinforce a negative thought process or an uncertain thought process and you need to counter that with beginning to focus your mind on other things. Now again, what may that be could be a, for me personally, I start my day off reading the Bible and really seeking to gain an insight from the Lord that is going to inspire my mind. Now again, other people, maybe it is some type of personal development or inspirational literature or you know, whatever in that arena, but I would definitely say that it’s something that is uplifting. Something that’s instructional, something that’s positive, something that’s helping you grow, something that’s helping you think in a positive way that’s in the vein that this needs to be in. You know, not, not just some romance novel or something like that.

No, you need to read in this particular vein that stimulates your mind to higher thinking, higher things. The next component of that is that you’ve also got to stimulate your spirit, right? You’ve got to focus on spiritual things. Focus on connecting with God, focus on connecting with his purpose for your life. You know, again, myself, I spend time in the morning just, you know, meditating and praying, thinking about the good things. And that’s also part of developing just that gratitude for the ability to wake up in the morning. And that gratitude for being where I’m at. Yeah, it’s a weird place where maybe you’re trapped in your home on this lockdown thing, but yet you can still infuse yourself with that spiritual strength by connecting with God, connecting with that higher purpose that he has for your life. And then I would say that it’s also critical to infuse yourself with the proper level of energy.

Right? I mean, so I shot a Facebook video about this the other day. I’m driving into work. I drive my normal car. I’m not switching that up. I put on my business clothes. Now again, our business is an essential business. So I’m able to come to the office every day and work because we’ve got to do stuff to keep, you know, apartments moving forward and you know, real estate and housing and all that. That’s essential. Thank God. But so I come into the office and I’m elevating myself, man. I’m rocking out in the car, listening to high energy music, pumping myself up, jamming out, praising God, really elevating my energy level so that I’m coming into work at a higher vibration. I’m coming in with a higher focus. And so that’s part of what you’ve got to do is to find the ability to do it.

Now, you may be at home and you may be in this moment, but you need to elevate your energy level so that you can think at a higher plane, operate at a higher plane. And then, you know, the next piece of the puzzle is that you’ve got to focus on the opportunities that you have right now. And he said, well, Randy, what is that? But it’s like, well look, even if you’re at home, I see people just playing Parcheesi and eating Cheetos and it’s like, Hey, there’s, there’s time for that with the family. No doubt. But even if you’re at home and even if you can’t conduct normal business, you could focus on how you could improve your systems, how you could improve your process, how you can better make a strategic plan of how your resources are being used or your team’s being used.

You know how you can better operate in your business or how you can improve your sales skills. There’s any number of things that you can every single day focus on and make those improvements. And the reality is those improvements, those that are doing that you’re sowing the seeds for the harvest, it’s going to come because in a short period of time, whether it’s, you know, 15 days, 30 days, whatever, there are going to be opening things up and we’re going to be moving forward. Now it’s going to not just jump back to like it was, but the efforts and energies you put in now to improving your processes, streamlining those things. Making things more efficient, learning and improving your sales skills, whatever those things may be, those are going to be ready. Boom. When the opportunities come and you’re going to need to be ready, right.

Because again, I told my team that it’s like when things begin to move forward, we need to be able to seize the moment and maximize any revenue opportunities because we’re not having any revenue for this month here in April and potentially next month. But you know, so that’s where you’ve gotta be able to do that now, in this moment with purpose. And so, but also by having purpose, you’re not just kind of in a malaise. You’re like focused on here’s what I’m doing, here’s what I’m executing and there’s more of an intention. You gotta know what season you’re in. See this season, like for us, we’re out there, you know, moving forward, acquiring apartment buildings, buying and selling houses. That was, that season. This season is about cultivating the land, developing those processes better, making operational efficiencies and improvements. That’s the season we’re in. So I embrace that season.

My team embraces it and we’ve got to be willing to run with it. So again, friends, this is the moment in time that you need to find the pathway to strengthen yourself mentally, spiritually. And I would also say physically, right? That’s part of that energy level too, is that you find the way, you know, again, go for a walk around your neighborhood, go for a jog. I still workout probably three days a week. I can’t go to the gym at this time, but you could do pushups in any number of things to you know, again, keep that physical nature going. And then the other part of it is choose your energy, fuel your food wisely. Right? I mean, like when I come into work, like today, I just had a small piece of lean steak a bunch of series of raw vegetables in a small portion of sticky rice.

So again, a well balanced, healthy meal with protein. A little bit of starch. Yeah, it could have been Brown rice, but you know, the sticky rice is good. My wife makes it. And so again, but with that it’s like bam, it’s proper fuel so that I’m not just, you know, eating bad food. That’s the temptation. I mean, right? And that’s not what you want to do because then it contributes to, you know, your mind is not in the right place, your energy level is low, your fuel is not the right fuel. So it’s contributing to those things and then you just feel kind of blah. And this is the moment where you got to sharpen your skills, sharpen your game, really get ready to go forward. So I hope it is that you know, you use this time wisely, recognize the season we’re in, strengthen yourself in mind, body and spirit so that you’re ready to move forward.

This thing with victory because praise God, victory is going to be had by those of us who are pursuing it with God’s best. So Hey, I just greatly appreciate you and just know that we’re praying for you in your family and for the country. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening to another episode of the real estate preacher podcast. I hope today that you learn something that you can immediately apply in your life or business. Make sure that you check us out on iTunes or at for more information. If you want to find out more about partnering together with me personally on real estate deals, including apartment complexes, go to the real estate and click on the invest with Randy link. I look forward to talking with you personally. Have a blessed and victorious week four. This is the week God has ordained for you.