TRP096: Fear and How To Handle It!

August 7, 2020


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Hey, I want to welcome you to today’s show! I’ve got a great episode that we’re going to be talking about a little bit of a departure from our operations focus. We’re going to focus really kind of the operations of your mind. We’re going to talk about fear today. I know with all this kind of craziness that’s going on in the country with coronavirus and everything else, that fear is something that’s real that people have to deal with. Right? Fear is also something that holds you back from accomplishing your dreams. It robs you of taking the next step that you need to take in order to succeed. And so you really have to look at this and make a decision that I’m going to vanquish this fear. A lot of times people want to remove fear from their life, right? I mean, that’s kind of a, I mean, I’ve had that desire myself, where you want to not have to deal with fear, right?

But really what’s required is courage, courage, meaning that you have the fortitude to move forward in spite of the fear. And so we want to break it down and look at, you know, how do you handle fear? What is it comprised of the oftentimes and how do you move forward successfully? Right? Because I would venture to tell you that, you know, you’re still going to encounter fear as much as you may want to not have fear. If you’re moving forward consistently and moving outside of your comfort zone to accomplish your vision, dreams and plans, you’re going to encounter things that may cause you to have fear. And so then that’s where you’ve got to begin to learn how to deal with it. And so in a world that we live in with a polarity where there’s opposites, right? The opposite of fear is faith. And so we want to begin to look at how do we engage our faith to overcome fear, you know, first and foremost, you know, a lot of what happens when you have fear of something is you’re creating a story in your mind or a perception in your mind related to this event or to this meeting or to this outcome.

And you’re envisioning the outcome, the meeting, or the event to produce a contrary outcome than that, which you desire. And so when you begin to stop and think about that, let’s think about that for a second. What you’re doing in your mind is your envisioning a worst case scenario. And so you have to stop in that moment and ask yourself, is that true? Or is that real right? And a lot of times what we do is we roll this over in our mind. Like, let’s just say, for example a deal didn’t come together that you were hoping to get, and then you think, Oh God, man, that’s not going to be good. Or I was counting on that deal for the profit, or I was counting on this opportunity. And then you start thinking about all these negative consequences from it and then you start thinking about, you know, what all of these impacts are going to be.

And then it kind of morphs into this feeling where it’s like, you’ve now envisioned all this bad outcome. And so part of it is you’ve gotta be able to step back in that moment and ask yourself, is that true? It’s like, well, that wasn’t, it. Isn’t the only deal in town. There’s going to be more deals. There’s going to be more opportunities. And then you have to, you know, step back, even further from that and look at, what’s your belief about God, what’s your belief about the universe or what’s your belief about life? And what I mean by that is life working for you or working against you. If you believe that it’s working against you, then it’s going to create more fear in you. But the reality is is that life is working for you. You know, I love the quote that says that all things work together for those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

So as you’re moving, after God’s purpose, the promise of God is that everything is working to your advantage. Life is working for you, not against you. So really quite frankly, the fact that you didn’t get that deal, it’s probably an advantage to you, right? There’s a better deal coming for you, or maybe it is that deal. You didn’t see it, but it would have been mired in some kind of problems that would have bogged you down. And so, you know, that’s what you’ve got to begin to do in what happens a lot of times is we get so engaged in the moment of looking at all those negatives that we don’t catch yourself. And then we get fearful, you know, and again, let’s say for example, that you’re, you know, moving forward on a new business or new acquisition, and you begin to think about what’s going wrong or how it’s not going to come together.

And that’s where then you have to flip the script and look at the opposites of those things right now. And I’m not saying that you don’t look at reality, right? Look, we’re very pragmatic. When we buy an investment or apartment complex, we look at everything. We do such a thorough job of due diligence. There is no stone left unturned. We look at everything, meaning the property, the condition of it, the physical due diligence, the sub market conditions what’s going on. I mean, I just literally got off a 45 minute call that we were evaluating every granular nook and cranny related to this possible acquisition. It lined up to come to that stage for me to look at it. And I was talking with our team on the ground. Good Lord. They manage complexes on either side of this property, right? So it’s like, we know everything there is to know about that sub market.

We know the kind of people that are there, everything. And so we take that information in, because you’ve got to be able to be pragmatic, to look at the real facts. But then now with that, with the facts, then you begin to look at what are the best case scenarios, right? You don’t allow yourself to be a conditioned with fear. You’ve got to then begin to replace that with faith. So that then as you look at the steps, you need to take, look at them through the eyes of faith that you will be able to succeed. You will be able to have the resources necessary to achieve your outcome. You are resourceful enough within yourself to be able to accomplish the result. Right? And so that’s where you’ve got to, you know, take that faith in begin to replace the fear by looking at those facts through the right lens.

Right. And, and I would ask you that question. I thought about that this morning, it’s like, you know, how do you look at the universe? Do you look at life that things are against you? Or do you look at life through the lens that things are working for your advantage, right? And again, the old acronym that people have heard about fear, false evidence appearing real, right? Your brain and the old crocodile brain. You’re always looking for the negatives, right? You’re always looking for the problems. You’re always looking for the threats. You’re looking for the things that are going to get ya. And you know, that engender genders fear have you ever laid there at night in bed? And you think about a meeting or an unresolved problem, and your mind just races and races to all these negative ends, right? And if you let it run away by the end, you’re racked with fear about these outcomes or all this negative crap that’s going to happen.

And so that’s where you’ve got to gain control over those thoughts. I love to another great quote says, take every thought captive unto the obedience of Christ, meaning to the purpose of God, right? So in your mind, your mind will race in many directions and it’s your job in my job to take those thoughts captive and then bring them into control and then to focus them in the direction we want to go look, I’m telling you this right now. I’m 50 years old. I’ve been walking with the Lord since I was 27. I’ve been pursuing the success direction really quite a long time. I don’t know the exact number of years, but I can tell you this, that like, I still have moments of fear, right. That it’s just true. I I’d like to tell you that I don’t have any fear and I know, well, perfect love, casts out fear.

Well, Hey, you know what? I’m not perfect. And even to God’s love fully in me, doesn’t fully cast out fear because there’s moments in times where we’re expanding, we’re growing, we’re moving forward. We’re walking ahead in the vision and the plans that God has for me, and for all the folks that invest with us and there’s moments in times where there’s uncertainty and I have to do these exact principles to overcome fear, right? Fear will hold you back, back in. God wants to release you forward. And so the question becomes, are you an active participant with him working together with him in accomplishing your vision in your dreams and your goals, or are you an active participant with fear? That is the antithesis of what you want. It’s pulling you away from your dreams and your goals. And really the choice is yours. You’ve got the power to be yeah.

Able to do it. It’s now a question of whether it’s a choice as to whether you will. And so I want to encourage you, you know, when you feel immediately, when you feel that fear coming on, step back from it, ask yourself, is it real, there was a, a thing that we had with a building that we were looking at buying and a certain component didn’t come together. And so then the immediate thoughts, like, Oh crap, it’s not going to come together. Okay. I had to stop and say, well, that’s not true. We don’t that’s okay. I don’t know the evidence of that. There’s just one component. Right? So no praise the Lord, God’s working it for my good and I’m still moving forward. Right. So you’ve got to ask yourself, is it real? And then you’ve got to step back and then flip the script on that fear, that false evidence that appears real and begin to replace it with faith in the outcome that you desire.

And then recognize that realistically, you will get the outcome that you desire as you keep going forward and don’t quit. Right. And so that’s really the key that you, you have to see. And then the other part of it, I would say is that you have to begin to consistently feed your mind of the quality things, right? Focus on the things that are lovely, pure, just noble, right. Heavenly and above. Right. So, so much, God Lord, you watch the news media read the newspapers. It’s all filled with such garbage and it’s designed to tear you down and scare you. And you know, that’s and again, look, Hey, I’m not telling you to be blind, right? Like I look at selective information, I’m looking at the economy, I’m looking at finances, I’m looking at what’s going on in politics. You know, just with certain news outlets or wall street journal or those types of things, because why the other stuff is just really designed to contaminate you.

And so you’ve got to protect your mind about what you’re letting into it. You know, even I would say, as far as how much crap you let in there from what you’re watching on Netflix or whatever else. Right. And I’ve seen that where I like I’ll vege out and watch Netflix program. But if it’s not something that’s encouraging or something, you know, if, if it’s tearing you down or putting fear in there that’s not a good thing. And so again, make no mistake what you put into your mind matters. And so you’ve got to guard your mind to help stave off more introduction of elements that can introduce fear. And so why, because if you’re going to accomplish your very best and your life’s purpose, mission, dreams, and goals, you’re going to have to have the resources to overcome fear. And so praise God, I appreciate you.

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