TRP100: Midweek Mindset – Belief

September 29, 2020


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Hey, I want to welcome you to today’s show, got an exciting thing. We’re beginning here with a mid-week mindset, praise the Lord, really focusing on having the right mindset. I’m going to tell you this right now that you can think about all the tactics for success that you want. You can think about all the strategies for real estate success and investing that you want. But if you don’t have the right mindset, I’m telling you now, you’re not going to see the highest level of success that God would have for your life. So we’re going to just have a brief, weekly thing on mindset and hopefully that empowers you to accomplish the things that you’re setting out to do. The very first thing that we want to start off with this week is belief. Belief. What is it that you’re believing?

Right? A lot of times people have established and crafted beliefs that they didn’t even really participate in building. What I mean by that is you have certain underlying beliefs or perspectives that you see the world through. You see yourself through, you see your circumstances through and you see your opportunities through. And a lot of times those beliefs were simply shaped by happenstance by experience. And unfortunately, people who may be well-intentioned aren’t even where you desire to be in life. And so what I want to encourage you right now is to take a step back and begin to ask yourself, what do you believe? Do you believe that the world is working for you or against you? Do you believe that God has good for your life or that life is tough? And then you die? Do you believe that abundance is possible?

Or do you believe that money doesn’t grow on what trees? I think everybody’s parents probably told them that. Right. You know what I mean? It’s funny about that. A little sad really, but that a lot of times our parents, just in the heat of the moment, instead of trying to teach us something, you just, ‘Hey, Junior. Money doesn’t grow on trees. We can’t afford that’. And so it anchors in this belief that it’s hard to acquire money. And so what do you believe, do you believe in yourself? Well, that’s a big one right there. You know what? I’m going to tell you this right now, God believes in you. He believes in you so much that Jesus gave his life just for you. So if there was nobody else on the face of the planet, he would have given his life solely for you because he loves you that much and believes in you.

If you think about that, shouldn’t it be that we would believe in ourselves. And again, what you can do is begin to ask yourself these questions, challenge yourself with that, and then begin to create a structure to rewire those beliefs through incantations or affirmations, where you’re beginning to wire into your subconscious, the truth of what you believe. So what I mean by that is, let’s say that you admit, honestly, that you have doubts about yourself. When you say, do I believe in myself? And so that now you begin to say, I am mighty. I am powerful. I am a conqueror. I am able to do all things. This is my time, whatever it is, you’re developing these emotionally charged incantations as Tony Robbins would say, or affirmations where you’re affirming into your mind with vigor and power in emotional enthusiasm, the truth about who you really are.

And so it begins to reshape the thinking of your mind about what you believe about yourself. And I would tell you this, like, you’ve got to believe in yourself, do you believe in the possibilities? Right? I mean, that’s a critical one, right? If you don’t believe in the possibility, you’re not going to seize the opportunity. And so it’s important to begin to really take that step, make that move and move forward, and a belief of conviction from conviction, right? And so there are a myriad of beliefs we could look at, but I want to challenge you to take a step back and look at really what you believe.

My father was very frugal growing up. Now he was an engineer, broken home, divorced family, but we would go visit with him, my sister and I, and he made a good living as an engineer, but he was frugal. He was born in the Depression and then also in the World War II era with rationing and all. So again, he just had this very frugal mindset. So we would go out to a dinner with him and then, he’d say ‘Oh look doesn’t that special look good?’ So let’s say it’s the chicken special. Right. And so maybe I’m thinking, well, I want to get that deluxe hamburger. And he said ‘No, get the children’s burger right there’. Why? Because it was cheaper.

That conditioning really made me to look that way. And I remember one time, my wife and I were just newly married. She used to mentor young ladies in a cheerleading color guard with the band, in a big, giant marching band at a Christian school. And they had a competition in Orlando. So we go there. I’m supporting her because she’s mentoring these young girls and, they win and they have to come back for the finals at like seven o’clock, eight o’clock at night. So we have a window of a few hours, so we’re going to go to dinner. We go to dinner, I think it was like TGI Friday’s. And I look at the menu and boy, there was this succulent special going on of Jack Daniels, chicken and rib.

Barbara says ‘Whoa, my gosh, that looks so good’. And you know, it was on special, but it was $19.99 or $17.99, something like that. I don’t remember the exact price. I thought, boy, you know, and then there’s some other item, like a chicken dish for $10 99. So almost half the price, and it wasn’t barbecue chicken. It was just some other kind of chicken thing. And so I’m like, alright, I’ll, I’ll get that. And it was terrible. I mean, the chicken was rubbery and nasty and I vowed right there at that moment. Cause it was a breakthrough moment. I realized, you know what, I’m doing this because of the conditioning of beliefs that my father instilled in me. And I said, by golly, I’m going to get the chicken and ribs when I want it.

And when I go out, if I can’t afford it, I’m not going out. And it doesn’t matter if somebody else offers me to buy. If I was going to get the steak, I’m getting the steak. And to this day, you know, 27 years later, that’s the truth of how I operate. But again, I tell you that story just because again, my dad wasn’t mis intentioned, but because of his conditioning of being born in the Depression and his conditioning of going through rationing of World War II as a young kid that he passed that onto me. And then I picked it up by default. I had to consciously rewire my belief that no, we don’t live in a scarcity universe. Look around, look at how abundant and creative and fulfilled the world is. And so I had to recognize that I had these incorrect beliefs about life, the universe, money, and then begin to proactively rewire those beliefs.

Now, carrying on that example, if I’m looking at the menu and something looks good, I’m going to get the surf and turf and the extra side lobster tail. It’s so delicious. And then I’m getting ready to order. And then , the person that we’re with says, ‘Hey, I want to treat you’. I’m still going to order what I wanted. Right. I made that resolve. It’s not like, ‘Hey, I’m ordering that because now you’re paying’, I was going to do it and pay myself. But it’s like, look, I made that decision. If I’m going to go out, I’m going to take care of myself and I’m going to bless myself because I’ve been a blessing and praise the Lord.

That’s part of what God wants for us. So I want to encourage you, take a moment back, look at your beliefs. We’re going to go week by week with a midweek mindset shift and praise the Lord. I want to encourage you to tune in every week for the next 52 weeks. That’s what we’re going to do. And I believe it will be impactful and help you on your journey of success, but also in your journey of life. I want to invite you to share this on your social media platform, share it with others and invite them to leave a comment for us on iTunes or Google or whatever area that you’re listening to this on, communicate that and invite others to participate. I really appreciate you and value you and my prayer is that what I’m doing here can be a blessing to you.

Thanks for listening to another episode of the real estate preacher podcast. I hope today that you learn something that you can immediately apply in your life or business. Make sure that you check us out on iTunes or at for more information. If you want to find out more about partnering together with me personally on real estate deals, including apartment complexes, go to and click on the ‘invest with Randy’ link. I look forward to talking with you personally. Have a blessed and victorious week four. This is the week God has ordained for you.