TRP106: Midweek Mindset – Releasing Negative Thoughts

November 13, 2020

Randy (00:10):

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Randy (00:51):

We’ve got an exciting episode on mid-week mindset. I want to ask you a question. Why are you holding on to negative thoughts or beliefs? Right. So oftentimes what happens is we have a negative thought, boom, it hits us, right? And then what we do with it, instead of just rejecting it, letting it fly by or letting it go, we begin to entertain it. We begin to mull it over in our mind. We begin to expand the thought, right? So we begin to take it in, envision it getting worse and all of the consequences, like, let’s just say, for example, you have a sale that you’re working on, or you have a deal that you’re putting together and then you think, Oh, it’s not going to come together. It’s just a thought, boom. It pops into your mind. And then you think, Oh, it’s not going to come together.

Randy (01:52):

We’re not going to get the funds for it. And then the result is it’s going to impact this and this and this. People go into a sales setting and you think, Oh, I’m not going to get this sale. And then, Oh, I’m not going to meet my quota for the month. Oh man. If that happens and that’s going to put me off from maybe this quarter, it’s like, it’s this domino effect. And then what happens is we project it even further, right? Think about this for a second. How many thoughts do you have in a day? I mean, virtually endless, right? Your mind is just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Having these thoughts come in. And what we need to begin to do is to be a cultivator of the garden of our mind so that when you recognize that this is a negative thought, you can make a choice at that moment just to release it.

Randy (02:51):

And then, or you say, well, Randy, I struggled with that. Then not only do you want to it, but then the next step would be to replace it, right? If you can’t just let it go, replace it with the opposite of it. What if the opposite were true? What if you were going to go into that meeting and that you were going to make the sale? What if you were going to go into that meeting and it was going to produce the result of the goal for the month or for the quarter for you? Right? So why not look at it that way? I’m not telling you that you want to live in fairy land.

Randy (03:42):

If you were supposed to, for example, stop at the grocery store on your way home and pick up some items for your spouse or partner, and you don’t do it and said, I’m not going to do it. Like you probably have a little bit of a negative consequence from that. Right. But realistically, I think what happens is moreover we get these negative thoughts in for some reason. And it’s because our brain is of trained to protect us from all the bad. And so, you don’t have the saber tooth tiger or the lion in the jungle fixing to eat you. And so our brain works on this mode of envisioning all these bad things, these negative thoughts. And so again, we have to be the ones to stop that. We have to be the ones to say “I’m going to let that go.”

Randy (04:28):

So when that thought hits you that, ‘Oh, that person doesn’t like me,’ boom. You don’t know what that person’s going through. Right? You don’t know that they may have a loved one who’s struggling with some type of health condition. You don’t know that they may have just had a financial setback. And so they’re really actually dealing with that and that permeated through to your interaction. So when you walk away from that interaction and you think, Oh, well they don’t, you don’t know that. So just let it go. Boom. Right. And why? Because again, it it’s going to help give you greater freedom, right? The goal is not for you to be, enslaved or weighed down with these negative thoughts, but to be set them free. Part of the pathway to freedom is that release of those negative thoughts, the ability to let them go, the ability to replace them with the positive thoughts like we talked about before, the ability for you to move past it.

Randy (05:24):

And so again, I just want to ask you right there, when that thought comes in, you can ask yourself, is it true? Right. The answer to that is probably not. Or at least you don’t know for sure. Right? Cause it’s just a thought. And then the other question would be, what if the opposite were true? And so that gives you at least a mechanism that you can take and flip the script on that negative thought and release it. You’ve got to begin to release those things. And it’s a discipline, a habit, a muscle that you’re developing. It may take you a little bit more effort in the beginning, but then you begin to cultivate that muscle, cultivate that strength, and cultivate that ability to release those negative thoughts.

Randy (06:09):

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