…Sources and ways to find deals that can make you money…


Your Network – don’t forget to constantly network with whomever and whenever. Always have the “I’m in the hunt” mindset and take massive action.

Your Marketing Machine – see Ways to Find below

Realtors – investor-friendly seller or buyer agents that know who you are, what you are looking for, and why

Wholesalers – investors that already market and secure distressed/discounted properties that are looking for rehabbers (to add to their buyers list). They’ll need to know how you are, what you are looking for and why.


Ways to Find:

Market to or contact For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) – homeowners selling their house without a realtor – usually they are motivated

Continually review classified ads in newspaper, Craig’s List, etc.

Market in areas of interest with bandit signs – you know those “We Buy Houses” signs on street corners. Say what you want but they are proven to work.

Direct mail campaigns to targeted lists such as:

  1. Absentee owners
  2. Probate properties
  3. Code violation properties
  4. Pre-foreclosure properties

Driving neighborhoods –  looking for distressed properties, finding the owner and contacting them to sell

Your action steps:

  1. Know where to find motivated sellers
  2. Select a marketing strategy and stick with it
  3. Get your buy criteria nailed down
  4. Start prospecting