Some things to keep in mind when dealing with realtors as an investor…

Agents understand retail buyers but you’re not a retail buyer. Your an investor! Be prepared that not all agents are willing to work with investors.

Agents can work for you (for free because they get paid by the seller) so finding investor-friendly agents are key. They’ll have a understanding of buying for profit and have skills needed to support you and your goals.

8 Ways to Qualify Investor-friendly Agents:

  1. What is their personal investment experience?
  2. Ask are they comfortable generating and submitting numerous offers on multiple properties? Remember you are shopping for bargains so you’ll need to generate offers continually.
  3. Get an understanding of how responsive and proactive they will be with you. Good deals go fast so you’ll need a scout that can act quickly.
  4. What is their experience and reputation working with investors?
  5. Do they publish frequent market updates and statistics?
  6. Are they willing to produce custom and frequent comps? Remember you represent a repeat buyer and source of more sales for them – so they’ll have to work for you differently than a “one and done” client.
  7. Talk to many, work with several, have a primary agent.
  8. Have a script as a guideline so when you approach an agent – you are clear, concise and have a value proposition that is effective.

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