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The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
November 5, 2020

Transcription Randy (00:02): All right. Hey, I want to welcome you to today’s show. I am super excited. I’m ready to jump up out of my chair and run around the building. I’ve got a great friend of mine, Eddie Speed with us here today. He is literally the grandfather…

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
April 16, 2020

Transcription If you’re looking for honest real world, no BS advice on how to create income, build wealth, and achieve true freedom with real estate, your in the right place. Welcome to another episode of the real estate preacher podcast show where your host Randy Lawrence shares with you his…

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
August 15, 2019

Learn the number one tool to investing success! The secret ingredient that enabled us to contract and or buy five complexes in the last 12 months. Having the right mindset is absolutely critical to gaining the outcome you want!!!