TRP024: The 3 Components of Making a Decision

February 5, 2016

Making a decision – what’s the big deal? We make decisions all day, every day – right?

Yes. I am sharing (with passion and from the heart) the 3 components of making decisions for success not only in real estate but in life. Breaking decision making down like this changed my life and can be a break-through for you too!

Show Notes:

  1. Know WHY you are making a or the decision
    • Sick and tire of being sick and tire?
    • Better life for you and your family?
    • My story and moment of “no excuses” big decision
  2. Count the cost of your decision
    • What’s the cost of your decision? Understand it.
    • Is it increased pressure?
    • Are you willing to accept (or pay) the cost of your decision?
    • Is it worth it?
    • You gotta know and accept this because when things get tough, you don’t quit
  3. Your decision has to be irrevocable
    • “I’ll try it and see if it works.” – NO
    • “Well I will give it my best shoot.” – NO
    • When you make your decision – there is no other option
    • No defaulting back or going back
    • It’s not going to be easy
    • OK to adjust with wise counsel but your decision is irrevocable
    • Don’t be double minded. – James 1:8 “…a double minded man is unstable in all his way…”

Listen and share with those you care about! They’ll thank you for it!