TRP029: The Fortune Is In The Follow-up

February 24, 2016

Today were going to be talking about what you need to have and do to track and follow up on sellers (motivated) that call you, in response to your bandit sign and direct mail marketing efforts. Be sure to go back and listen to episodes 27 and 28 on direct mail and 22 and 23 on bandit signs.

Show Notes

2 Key pieces to being effective, productive and making money

#1 Phone call tracking and management system:

Phone numbers

  • People call the number on your signs or mailers
  • Set up a number for each campaign
  • Answer live, forward to voicemail or another number

Tracking and call management software

  • Route calls – route calls to different numbers at different times
  • Tracks and manages volumes and responses from your campaigns
  • Reporting on integration into customer management system (CRM) applications

Some noted providers of phone numbers and tracking applications

  • Google Voice (numbers)
  • Ring Central
  • Vonage
  • Callrail

#2 Customer management system (CRM) application

  • You’ll need a database platform to track interactions for prospects or people you talk to
  • So you can follow up in a consistent, proactive manner and stay organized
  • Key to your success because the majority of success is in follow-up interactions – not the first one
  • We use Podio but there are others | some free services or versions available

Think about the process

  • You talk with someone about their property
  • You need to record the questions and answers during that conversation for reference later
  • Save your notes and remind yourself to follow up when appropriate
  • You might get a win on your  1st call but the fortune is in the follow-up
  • Follow up is key otherwise you are wasting money on your marketing
  • Don’t do what everyone else  does – quit on the 1st try
  • Get a systems to be effective and efficient

Remember this is not just about the money. Your here to help people. So your follow-up and proactive approach is key to helping others and making you money

Be disciplined in using tracking tools and following up – this is how you succeed!