Category: Business of Real Estate

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
February 22, 2017

Save yourself time, money and pain when working with contractors. Learn the principles, strategies and tactics I use to ensure success when working with contractors who’ll renovate the house you want to sell.

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
January 11, 2017

Order to do consistent deals, and make money you need consistent leads coming into your business. Learn hey simple but prove an approach that will generate leads for you every single week!

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
October 22, 2016

Learn how to obtain low-cost leads that call you in today’s market! Having leads and/or the opportunity to purchase houses are vital to your success in the real estate business. The more sources you have, the more leads you have, the better your Deals because you have a larger deal…

The Real Estate Preacher Podcast
August 5, 2016

Learn the truth of social media and how you can begin to utilize, benefit and be blessed in your life and your real estate business with social media. Also learn why you should no longer be negatively affected in your life by looking at other “superstar” lives on social media.

February 24, 2016

Today were going to be talking about what you need to have and do to track and follow up on sellers (motivated) that call you, in response to your bandit sign and direct mail marketing efforts. Be sure to go back and listen to episodes 27 and 28 on direct…

February 12, 2016

In this episode I am talking about the mindset for finding real deals today and how to find them.  Discover 8 sources and ways to find the motivated sellers so you can make money when you buy. Show Notes Your Network Sources 1 Your Personal Network – don’t forget to constantly…